I Be Up In The Gym Just Working On My Fitness


(In my Antione Dodson voice) Well, obviously I have some weight I want to lose and it is being stubborn, and overstaying its welcome!

I wish I could play Harry Potter and poof the pounds off, but since I went to UNC-Greensboro and not Hogwarts, I'm gonna have to get off my tush and work it out .

I used to have a trainer, named Thunder and we worked out 3-4 times a week. He pushed me and kept my work outs fresh and challenging. But now due to scheduling conflicts, I have to do it on my own and it hasn't been a smooth transition.

I am lost without my trainer. I'm not a gym rat and I loved the one on one sessions. I am not a fan of work out buddies, I'd rather do it with Thunder or do it alone. Why? Well when I'm in the gym, I need to focus. I don't want to talk about what happened at work, I don't want to discuss boys, or what's on TV tonight, I want to focus on burning the fat.I love having a walking buddy, chatting while walking is fine, but I don't believe in socializing while at the gym.

When I go to the gym I need 3 things. My iPod, my water bottle, and my phone. When I get on the treadmill I like to look at a "before" picture of myself to remind me of why I'm there. I also have pictures of women who inspire me, or have body types I admire.

 Beyonce's body is sick. I don't think there is a diet or exercise in the world that can make me look like this but like the great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "I have a dream."

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks looks really healthy. I don't know her life but it looks like she's the kind of girl who can enjoy a meal without whining about its caloric value. She's such a cutie!

Salma-damn-Hayek. I don't need to say anything else.

I like to start off with 30-45 minutes on the treadmill watching a TV show, usually Sex and the City. It's fast paced, funny, the shots of NYC make me smile and the fashion makes me drool. I swear I'm going to rock a tutu dress like Carrie's one day.

When the show is over I do strength training. No need to go into specifics here because everyone is different, but I enjoy the rowing machine, lat pulls, leg curls, resistance bands and free weights.

At this point I crank up my music to get me through the next 45 minutes. Here are a few of my favorite songs from my work out play list.

1. Mark Ronson ft. Amy Winehouse -Valerie

This song is soulful and the beat keeps me moving. I can't sit still when I hear it.

2. The Roots Ft Cody Chestnutt -The Seed 2.0

Aww, how I love The Roots. I think I played this song out back in 2002. Quest Love on the drums and Cody's vocals make this song a must have on any ipod, and it is a great song to sweat to.

3. Kanye West -Monster (NSFW)

Message to the kids, this video is DARK and CREEPY. I don't care for it but I love the lyrics. It is heavy and moody and really helps me push through the final stages of my work out. Highlights are Kanye's line "my presence is a present" and Nicki Minaj's entire verse. Loves it.

4. Janet Jackson -Miss U Much

Throwback Jam! Janet looks so happy in this video with her curves doing all kinds of damage. This was one of the first videos I had on VHS and you know I about broke our one VCR rewinding and pausing trying to learn these dance moves. Before I meet my maker I'm going to learn that chair routine at the end!

5. Foo Fighters- Best Of You

Can you say anger management? Dave Grohl's power vocals and the unrelenting drum work from Taylor Hawkins motivate me through the most grueling part of my work out. When I can't get my body to work, and my mind is telling me to quit this is my go to song. I'm not gonna let anything get the best of me son!

So there you have it, this is what I do when I go to the gym. I'm always looking for tips, exercises and songs to add to my play list. What keeps you motivated when you work out?


friendsmiling said...

I need someone else to go with me. That is quite an eclectic mix of music. Continued good luck with your weight loss

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing!!!

Deidre James said...

Friendsmiling, do you need someone to help get you in the gym or someone to talk to during workouts? Sometimes having someone who depends on you for a ride or for companionship is a great motivator.

Tonya said...

I am with you Dee about needing to focus when I am working out. I found a workout buddy that does not like to chit chat while we workout but it does makes us accountable to show up! We do our own things then at the end our treat is to sit in the sauna or steam room and then we can chat!You keep it up girl cause you are looking awesome!

Anonymous said...

Deidre, I'm proud of you girl. You are looking fabulous. Keep it up! You know you're gorgeous just like you are but I understand - you have to please yourself...P1, Tammy Osburn

@Megan_B_Nice said...

Pretty Girl Rock by Keri Hilson is motivating/encouraging.

Wale and Lady Gaga - Chillin

Jai Ho from Slumdog Millionaire :-)

Who's Bad! MJ - I always feel BAD! when I hear it. Also, Black or White has a great tempo.

If you like country.. Wildflower by The JaneDear Girls is fun and upbeat.

In Escapade, Janet says "Let's Go!" Thats motivating.

Kirk Franklin's Brighter Day is so uplifting.

She's a bad Mamma Jamma

Salt n Pepa's Push it!

And of course.. POISON


nick said...

if you need a walking buddy in the afternoon call a brother. and, it seems like i need to get playlist ideas from you - i get tired of my 'sucking wind' playlist.

HollieInShape said...

don't know if you have netflix, but i do work out videos on netflix watch instantly and it's AMAZING how much you can change things up and really get into it. also, i've been sick since i've started my blog, but i have a fitness/nutrition blog that i'm starting if you want to follow, if only for some extra motivation. i'm no expert or anything, but i take my advice from fitness magazines like shape and womens health and i have been creating fun menus for eating better!

Deidre James said...

@Tonya, you are so lucky to have a partner who is on the same page! I am so tempted to get ice cream and slack off with my friends :(

Deidre James said...

@Tammy, Thank you so much for the support and kind words.

Deidre James said...

@megan, I LOVE Jai Ho. We have a Zumba routine for it. There is a Bollywood song on Just Dance 2 that has become my FAVORITE! That Pretty Girl Rock is a great cool down song. Have you ever tried Zumba?

Deidre James said...

@Nick, lets do it! I love walking around the Arboretum. Let's shoot for next week.

Deidre James said...

@Hollie, thanks for the tips. I'm following your blog now, let's do this :)

@Megan_B_Nice said...

I have not tried Zumba. I thought about it once though. haha!

Deidre James said...

You should come with me one night!

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