Self(ie) Service Project


I have some beautiful friends and I am not gonna selfie shame. However, I would like to propose a challenge. What about a service selfie? 
Think about it, you can inspire people, promote your self confidence AND show the world you're doing something good!

Same for Sunday selfies. I love seeing y'all dressed and blessed for Jesus. Don't stop! But show us a selfie of you doing something related to what you learned at church. Again, not selfie shaming just saying 💗 I am gonna give it a try myself!

Hashtag your photos #serivceisbeautiful #deetales. I can't wait to see them! 

Get Your Sip On


Everyone doubts my skills as a mixologist because I am not the most eloquent when it comes to naming my drinks.

My crew laughed at the idea of Finger Juice, inspired my one of my favorite shows Jane The Virgin. 

Jane's grandmother believes you can't bring beauty back to a rose (your body, relationships, etc) once you've crushed it (lies, premarital sex, pick yo' sin)  with your hands. 

Enter my spin on the lesson, not only is the rose ruined, your finger juice aka hand sweat adds to the damage.

So here is the recipe inspired by episode 2 of DeeTales Finger Juice

Deidre's Finger Juice Cocktail
1 bottle of Simple syrup 
1 small package Black berries
1 bottle of Rose' (chilled) get it? Rose?
1 bottle of Blueberry vodka (chilled)

1.Take 1/2 cup of simple syrup and your blackberries and muddle

2. Pour bottle of Rosé' and blueberry vodka into pitcher 

3. Add berry/syrup mixture

4. Stir

You're done! Feel free to add more syrup to sweeten the drink. 

Serves 10 or 5 if your friends are lushes 

Dee-licious! Give it a try and let me know what you think!

Oh and drink responsibly! 

💗 Deidre

Janet Jackson News!

This woman!!! The original edge snatcher. The first artist a stanned for. Janet Damita Jo Jackson gonna give us the gift of a new album and tour on her birthday?! 

I'm so in my feelings right now! 
Happy Birthday to the Godmother of Pop and R&B  Janet Jackson!

How excited are you for this news? What do you think she means "the movement?" Do I need to break out my all black Rhythm Nation gear???

We will cover all things Janet on the next DeeTales podcast!

Treat Yo' Self 2015 Recap


Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 4: Treat Yo Self 2015 brought to you by Root Alchemy 

This episode is about self care. A message from our sponsors at Root Alchemy.

At Root Alchemy, we strive to produce effective and luxurious, self care products without sacrificing source or safety. We use only the purest ingredients from high quality sources, most of which are organic and/or wildcrafted and all of which are 100% natural.
We do not use synthetics. This includes synthetic fragrances, dyes, preservatives, or additives of any kind.
You will also find that none of our products include water as a main ingredient, a rarity in the cosmetic industry. We create highly concentrated products, which in turn allows us to use less packaging and offer more valuable products to our customers.

Deidre's guest was her sorority sister and wellness specialist Dewaynia Wilson of Nurisha Wellness and they discussed self care and  life lessons from their favorite teachers.

For those who didn't believe the Ikea Rigga story, whoomp there it is.

The ladies explained "Columbusing" and the origin of Bye Felicia 

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DeeTales Podcast Recap Queen To Bey


Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 3: Queen To Bey

This week was all about the 2015 Met Gala. Now look. We know there are all kinds of horrors and injustices going on and people are in pain and poor and all the leaves are brown. Being excited about fashion and the spectacle of the Met Gala doesn't mean we aren't deep. It means we needed a break from the news. Some of y'all really tried it with that meme comparing the gala to the Hunger Games elite and Baltimore as District 13. Umm chill. If we go through some of y'all instagrams I bet we would find all kinds of selfies, vacations, bikini pics and new car flossing, pretty much you enjoying life and not giving a second thought to what's happening in the world in that moment. HAVE A SEAT! 

Ok back the fashion! 


And of course Beyonce shut it all the way down

No words. Just...none. The Coming To America realness had us singing...

Gronk twerked

And Deidre and Melynda swapped horror stories from when they worked with kids and Deidre promised to make Finger Juice the next time she sees Melynda.

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Finger Juice Recap


Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 2: Finger Juice

This week Baltimore State's Attorney Marlyin Mosby charged six officers with the homicide of Freddie Gray

Meanwhile, Deidre's friends tried make a love connection with City Councilman Nick Mosby after this interview

And then we found out he was married.

The Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight happened and the only thing that mattered was Beyonce's outfit.

Usually dapper Denzel showed up looking like that uncle who harrasses your friends at the cookout.

Jamie Foxx botched the anthem, some dudes threw punches, people on social media were salty over the coins earned and there was a national chicken wing shortage. At the end of the day...

In attempt to lighten spirits, we shared our favorite moments in reality tv history. 

1. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills You Beast

2. Real Housewives of Atlanta Phaedra vs. Kenya

***Update*** Phaedra's baby daddy is in prison again. Kenya is still without child

3. The Real World Boston Vaj vs Montana

4. Real World Hawaii Ruthie's Intervention

5. Making Da Band 5 Best Rappers

6. So You Think You Can Dance Joshua and Katie's No Air (that moment at :50 tho!)

7.  The Real Housewives of New Jersey Table Flip

8. Real World Seattle the Slap

Stephen slaps Irene by 1dobiedc

And while medicated, Deidre tried to use this scene from Jane the Virgin to explain how love is like finger juice. Yeah, it happened.

Did we forget a reality tv moment? Are you watching Jane the Virgin? If not, get on over to the CW and catch up. Would you try Deidre's Finger Juice cocktail?

Thanks for listening!

Can't Trust It Recap

Links and info on the topics we discussed in Episode 1: Can't Trust It.

If you would like to know more about transgender equality after the Bruce Jenner interview, visit the National Center for Transgender Equality 

Here is Deidre and Melynda's favorite Kanye West video All Falls Down. More irony? Stacey Dash is in the video. She's since lost her damn mind and works for Fox News.

Now that Shonda Rhimes has killed our beloved Derek Christopher Shepherd, Grey's fans must rely on Dr. Jackson Avery to hold it down with his fine self! For real, Jesse Williams plays Jackson by day and slays ignorance and racism on social media when he scrubs out. Here is a link to his website.

He's fine and smart!!!!

We also showed love to life at HBCUs, specifically the food, homecoming concerts and A Different World.

Thanks for listening! 

The Deetales Podcast


Don't call it a comeback! Check out the very first episode of the new podcast with special guest Melynda! We cover the Bruce Jenner interview, Kanye appreciation, why Shonda Rhimes needs Jesus and friendship struggles. You are gonna get life from this. Enjoy! -Deidre

Dee-Tales Media


Since leaving radio in August 2014, I've been working on the Dee-Tales Media project. It has been so exciting to see new faces, hear new voices and access new forms of media over the past few years. I believe independent content is far more interesting than what most corporate and commercial media outlets are producing.

Issa Rae, Franchesca Ramsey and Kid Fury are a few of the bright, talented and bold voices who made their own platforms and are creating funny, thoughtful and groundbreaking content on their own terms.

You can add Deidre James to that growing list. Dee-Tales Media will produce web series, podcasts, blogs and more. We are committed to supporting progressive, independent content creators with the goal of communicating diverse ideas and concepts and building community through service and socially conscious content. 

If you are interested  in sponsorship opportunities, submitting a show idea or would like to join our team, please email me at

Joy in the Morning: Beyonce and Jay-Z On The Run Tour



So I've been threatening to come out of web-tirement for a few months now but, life kept getting in the way and we will get to that later!

I was having a really rough morning. I was work-a-cidal meaning I was dying to get home. No shade to my job, it was just difficult returning to work after spending a wonderful weekend with my loved ones plus I was sleepy and hangry. Not to mention, it's been a craptastic week in pop culture. Between shower rod sex, housewives fighting and racist team owners, I needed some good news. And at 8:10 my Lord delivered.

For real, for real, I wept. Real tears when I heard about Beyonce and Jay-Z touring together. For those of you who aren't down with the Carters, follow the ushers and they will show you to the exits to the left, to the left.

 If you know me, you know I've been waiting for this since Skippy was a puppy. This is my Super Bowl. These are my Olympics, this is the mother trucking CARTER FAMILY ON TOUR!!!

My friend/co-worker told me the news and my response was too colorful to repost (my momma reads this) but let's just say I lost every ounce of chill the I was blessed with.

Y'all just don't know. When the rumors started circulating, I threw some change in my Bey Bank and I am so glad I did! Tickets are on sale tomorrow for Beehive stans like myself and I am throwing all my coins at Queen Bey. And let's face it, they don't need my change, when Blue Ivy is walking around like this:

Point is, I'm over the moon and I'm ready for this concert! I've seen them separately but never together. I thought about posting the tour schedule on here but I don't need no competition when I'm placing my order. Y'all are on ya own!

Until then, just know that I am going to do whatever it takes to get to this show. If you know anyone looking for part time help, a kidney, some lady eggs, just holla at me ok? 

And to quote Nettie Harris from The Color Purple, when it comes to the On The Run Tour: 

Have a BEYutiful day!!

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