Birthday Blues


Last night I ventured out to downtown Greensboro to help celebrate my friend Josh’s 28th birthday.  As I was getting dressed I decided to step outside my comfort zone and try something different with my look. I don’t usually do a lot of makeup, I’m a lipstick and foundation kinda girl. I have a ton of makeup I never use so I went through my case and found a dark blue pigment from MAC. It’s called Bell Bottom Blue.

I would never buy a color like this. It was a gift from a friend and I think I’ve tried to use it once and it didn’t look good so I vowed to never wear it again. I don’t know what got into me but I gave it another try and I was really pleased with the outcome.

I also wore my ASOS blue trench for the first time. Sorry I don’t have a picture of me in it, but here is the coat.

So I’m on my way to the gathering, jamming to the new Kanye and Jay-Z song (H.A.M.) when I see blue lights in my rearview mirror. Yep, I was stopped by 5-0. I won’t discuss my case here, I watch enough Law & Order to know I need to keep my mouth shut on matters like this. I will say I was issued a citation. I will keep you posted….

So I finally made it downtown and a good time was had by all. I don’t know how it happened but blue was the color of the night, blue eye shadow, blue coat, blue lights, even the birthday boy was wearing it.

After made it home safely without any additional citations, I was very pleased that my makeup stayed put even after laughing until I cried! Check it out.

I used to think blue eye shadow was reserved for whores and chicks featured on COPS but I must admit, I really loved the MAC Bell Bottom Blue pigment and I recommend it to anyone looking to spice up their look. Are there any make up rules you like to break? Would you ever wear blue eye shadow?

Until next time!


Nessa said...

Honey, you look beautiful! The blue eyeshadow is very becoming. :) Work it out!

Deidre James said...

Thanks! I have some other colors I plan on trying soon!

Amanda said...

I am an eyeshadow addict! I buy every possible color...its ok and fun to step out of the box with cosmetics. A quick and easy change to your look :)

Joy said...

I like the blue eye shadow and the blue theme ya'll had for the night even if it involved Greensboro's finest dressed in blue. Lady D can't u hook Biggie up with one of ur friends ? That man needs a woman ...

Deidre James said...

Ooh Amanda, what brands do you like? Joy, I don't do the hook up thing with co-workers lol when things go bad they blame you. I keep my friends and my co-workers's love lives separate :p

Amanda said...

I like all brands.. It doesn't matter to me if they're cheap or whatever... If I see a pretty color, especially if it shimmers, I have to have it! I'm a cosmetologist aspiring to concentrate more on being a makeup artist so I just love all makeup! :)

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