I Never Thought I Would Say This....


I am obsessed with a piece of jewelry. Yes, me the girl who buys earrings for $1.50 at Forever 21. The girl who would choose a 55 inch HDTV over an engagement ring. The girl who would rather wear a  Keroppi watch from a Happy Meal instead of shiny timepiece. Yes my friends I want some bling in my life and it can be found at Tiffany and Company.

When I tell you I don't know anything about jewelry, please believe me. I couldn't tell you what a carat looks like or what it is worth, but I know where to get the best carrot cake in North Carolina (I'll save that for another post.) I do know I love the look of this necklace. This is totally my style, and even though I don't buy jewelry over $20, I'm tempted to treat myself this Valentine's Day.

Now before you think I've lost my mind adding something like this to my wish list, let me tell you this is pendant is under $250 a steal if you ask me. And because the price is right, you can afford to get some additional Tiffany inspired goodies! Check them out below:


Do you splurge on jewelry? What are some items on your wish list?
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE that necklace! But look closer at the price...the low price is for the chain only. The pendant is close to $2000. :(

Deidre James said...

Thanks for the comment, I double checked and the pendant is $225, and the chain is $50 :)


Anonymous said...

OH!! I was looking at the jewel-encrusted one. Well, that IS a steal! Go for it!

angiekw318 said...

I was just like you about jewelry until my husband proposed a couple of years ago. I asked for a matching necklace and earring set. I'm obsessed with Diamonds! Now I see what all the fuss is about. They just make you feel like a pretty little girl. LOL! On a side note - I sell Avon as a "hobby" and they have a necklace similar to that one in costume jewelry. In "silver" and "gold". When it first came out, I had more orders for that necklace than anything I've ever sold before. It's really hot right now. But to have one from Tiffany's... that's awesome! I say go for it! :P

Karen said...

I hope you got the necklace! Love it! In the same way Carrie gets a special feeling from some Manolos, there is just "something "about a quality piece of jewelry! Oh! And you can't help but get a thrill when you see the little blue box!! Got my daughter some sweet little heart earrings from Tiffanys for Christmas. Her favorite gift EVER! Hope its a start for her on a nice jewelry wardrobe.

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